Sunday, 4 June 2017

Still Keeping On...

It has not been a good week.  The world has gone mad in so many ways.  I can only watch in disbelief at what it is spewing forth ~ & as the MOTH likes to point out, it hasn't even really begun yet.
Just the same the world continues to toddle along & us with it because we are to continue doing His work until He collects us to take us home. For us that means working on our house so that it can be used for His glory. I spent last week oiling our timber benchtops ~ a stinky, sticky job but one that would save the lad heaps of time so he could focus on the things we can't do ~ like actually lifting the things into place & gluing them down, drill all the necessary holes & reconnect our water...

He still has the breakfast bar to go & some fiddly work on the tower then it is just easy stuff like the handles & trim.  I have been told I can start moving things back into my kitchen ~ so another cull I expect.  No point in keeping anything I don't actually use.

I mentioned this front garden that the Little Man & I pass regularly on our walks some time back so I took a picture so I could show you.  Most of the gardens look like the one below.  Seriously. Given I actually believe lawn should be banned in this country [we are water deprived & grass is a heavy  water user] they do not impress me in the least so this nautical theme at least has that in its favour ~ but what were they thinking?

And in case you're wondering, no, we do not have grass anywhere.  The pavement is our council's doing [we don't own the nature strip] & I have been trying hard to kill it off, if only because it wants to invade our garden beds.  Horrible stuff!

 Meanwhile I have been having one of those quiet chuckles to myself that is a Móraí's prerogative because my DILLY has visions of a quiet, indoorsy little boy when T1 draws him like a magnet when the Man Stuff comes out.  It's hysterical. Like father, like son! The lad was trying to wind line onto his reel & I think his little helper was more of an impediment!

Despite the fact that winter has officially arrived according to the calendar our weather continues mild for the time of year & after a fortnight's downpour all the bromiliads decided to flower.  Even the MOTH was charmed.  We have a haze of mauve under our palms.  So very pretty.


  1. Your kitchen is looking good!

    And I have no idea why but my eyes teared up seeing your son with his son.

    We are having a wet summer so far and I am thankful as are all my plants but especially my ferns! Last year it rained in the spring and then nothing all summer.

    1. I think I am a conflicted grandparent. At present I am being called on to help because the Little Man is being difficult so that is not necessarily fun. I am happy to help but it is rather exhausting with the travelling & the sleeplessness & the physicality of looking after a small child again. Plus I don't think I ever thought about being a grandparent as non of mine seemed overly eager to begin the process. Now I'm not sure what I'm actually expected to do because my parenting style was super relaxed & my DIL's is...not...? ☺