Monday, 5 June 2017

Bringing Home the Wood.

 Yes, it is winter. You wouldn't know it during the day because it is warm enough in the sunshine for just a T~shirt or a light jumper but our house is cold in winter.  The angle of the sun just doesn't catch any of our downstairs rooms & as the MOTH & I feel the cold we do not enjoy winter.  Not our winters, not anybody's winters.

Consequentially last winter we finally put in the fireplace we had always wanted but could never afford & it was sooooo lovely!  Toasty warm! Bliss.

The drawback, of course [there is always a drawback] is that fires need fuel. We have a wood fire because wood we have in plentiful supply.  It falls out of our trees all year log, washes up along the beach & our big storms bring down whole trees.  All we have to do is cut it up & lug it along to the house. This is easier said than done.

Quite often we do a scrub bash somewhere we can pull up the car but our next~door~neighbours have a lot of fallen timber along their foreshore they want removed so the MOTH has been gradually cutting it up & we lug it up our rather steep hill piecemeal.

This is what I went to do yesterday afternoon before the cold set in so that when I actually got around to lighting the fire I had plenty of wood. Ha!

Unhappily both cats were on hand to help!  Kirby peered  around the corner of the house as I passed & followed as far as the first post where he sat & yowled! Gotta love that yowling.
Meanwhile Marlow arrived, shot between my legs & hurtled down the steps at a frantic pace. He loves going walkies with me but as he constantly gets underfoot he is not my most favourite companion when I am working.
The steps are steep.  I had to negotiate them with my arms full of wood, a yowling cat & one twinning between my legs. This is how I know there is a God.  We all survived. ☺


  1. Marlow is much like our Sharii, he loves being involved...a little too much and gets underfoot most of the time. Midnight likes to sit close to the activity, look pretty, and beg with big eyes hoping I will pick her up and she does not mind being carried all around when I doing things, but not that convenient all the time.

    I have a rule that I will never again live in a house without a fireplace. Comes in handy when power goes out!

    1. I was talking with Libby & Chile's temps are now in the minus. Brrrr... too cold for me! I love my cats ~ as you know ~ but I can seriouly do without them acting like a killing machine! ☺

  2. Your last two sentences made me chuckle. xo

    1. I expect you know the feeling. The Hallelujah Hounds were cut from the same sort of fabric. ☺