Monday, 7 August 2017

Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu.

On Sunday we had the Island Farewell for my FIL. We went from thinking there would only be about 4 of us to having to put out more seating & there was sooo much left over food ~ as always~ that it would all have been more than a little overwhelming if not for Sister C.  She got everything nicely under control, packed plates for the needy ~ & knew where to send them!

We had planned a short & very simple service, focusing on the positives.  The MOTH welcomed everybody then we all sang Peggy Sue because my FIL shared his birthday with Buddy Holly & was a big fan.  I'd managed to download a version with lyrics so everybody joined in ~ though no one actually got up & danced, which I thought rather a pity.  Peggy Sue is meant to be dance to. ☺

Then John led us in prayer based on Romans 10 before I did my thing. We are used to each other & creating a flow. Standing up in front of a crowd is not a thing that fazes me.  I know I read well & most people love a story ~ though I'm pretty sure I hadn't realised quite how confronting that story really is... Could have heard a pin drop the entire time.  We then had a minutes silence so everyone could say goodbye in their own way ~ an extended minute as I hadn't realised the computer clock stops when the music does!  Oops! Amazing Grace ~ which saw a whole heap of people dissolve & head out the doors to sob uncontrollably in the car park.  Missed that but my MIL mopped up ~ because it was less about my FIL than unresolved grief they were carrying. Then the MOTH thanked everyone for coming & pointed them towards the food.

The service itself was all done & dusted in about 1/2 an hour.  The socialising lasted about 2! *sigh* So we all know I'm not the social sort, don't we...

And all these people who have known us by sight for years as the Twin's parents, or CG's parents, or the Musical One's parents were flabbergasted to find we're pretty good public speakers ~ which I find terribly, terribly funny because I did all those years & years of drama ~ not because I wanted to act but because I wanted to be able to write good dialogue.  The spin~off, of course, is that speaking in front of crowds just doesn't bother me. But of course, no~one else knew that so we got lots of compliments on the whole thing.

What was lovely for me~ & why should I have been surprised after the Holy Spirit went to all the trouble of waking me up in the middle of the night & dropping the whole message in my lap?!~ was the really strong anointing present. Everyone sang both songs.  Put their whole heart & soul into it.  They were respectful & for so many, that is the sort of send off they themselves would like.  Simple.  Joyful. Mindful.

My MIL was delighted.  It was more than she hoped for.

The word going round in the prophetic realms for some time is that God is about to reverse all the hindrances, the blocks & the people holding others back.  I haven't paid a great deal of attention ~ you know, general prophecy.  Could mean anything really.  However we returned to the hall the next day to pick up an electrical lead the MOTH had forgotten & the office staff let us know in no uncertain terms that they had heard about the work we were doing for the community & wanted us to know it was appreciated.  After years of attack, slander & gossip it seems we finally have some credibility!

Waiting now to see how that plays out!  ☺


  1. I am so glad it went well. You will have to Skype with me on the details, if you want to. I am available all this week.